life lessons


One month ago I arrived in Cape Town. To fulfill a dream. To experience the beautiful summer. To enjoy the great outdoor activities this country has to offer. The universe decided otherwise. Just 2 weeks in I tore my meniscus badly and a week later I was 4 days in hospital for a knee operation. With a 6 months rehabilitation period, no standing on my right leg and walking with crutches for 2 months and wearing a knee-brace for 4.

Woozers. That put my world pretty much upside down as you can imagine. Including many emotions. These past weeks, I’ve managed to turn this experience into something positive and to look at the beautiful life lessons my knee is already giving me. And I just wanted to share a few with you:

1) ‘Let go of Expectations’
Frustration arises when your expectations are not aligned with the reality. This is what my life is about right now: a knee in recovery. And I can’t change anything about it. What I can do is support the recovery with having a positive mindset. How? By focusing on all the things that I AM capable of doing. By looking at the beauty of being less mobile: more BEing (than DOing), more pulling life towards me (than pushing) and being in the here and now. Cos that’s the only moment we have. We don’t have any control about what happens next. Nothing. So let go. And be here. Present. And see the beauty around you.

2) ‘Be Humble for your Body’
We often take our body for granted. And we ask a lot from it. It always ‘should’ or ‘will’ work. Whilst we often don’t give much care, love and attention back. Not being able to do even the very basics (I can hardly walk. Can’t stand too long.) and whilst everything takes a lot more time, you really start appreciating your body. The beauty of it. The self-healing power it has. It takes you wherever you want to go in life. It’s your best buddy. So take care of it. And be grateful.

3) ‘Friends are THA BOMB!’
Not only my long-term friends in the NL who have been as supportive as they can be, being miles away. But also my ‘new’ friends here. People I just met once. Or a year ago. Or have known for just a week. The unbelievable love and support I’ve received here is indescribable. Without them…pfff I’m not so sure. It’s because of them that this journey (although with a knee in recovery) has already been more more than worthwhile. Thank you all my dear friends.



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