'The only thing that’s
keeping you from
what you want is the
story you keep telling


If you’ve come this far that means that you’ve resonated with what you’ve found on my site. This means that you’re ready! More than ready…ready to have a breakthrough in your life. You’re hungry for change and you’re eager for growth. Now is the time to start rewriting your story. You are ready to experience more freedom in your life and to take your life to a new level.


I want to inspire you to connect with your uniqueness, so you can experience more freedom and feel more alive. Share your unique talents with the world! So we can create a better world together. To achieve this you need a process, an action plan that helps you consistently grow and produce the results you need. Looking for assistance with that? My services could be exactly what you need. I coach individuals, train teams and hold talks.


Most of the people I coach are professionals. Professionals in their realm of expertise. From entrepreneurs looking for the next step, to employees wanting a change and athletes ready to win their next big race, I work with and support a range of clients. The common denominator amongst them is that they are all passionately driven. Positive people who don’t give up and are certainly not scared for a challenge.
Are you one of them? If so, let’s chat!


Dan was trying to keep too many balls up in the air (managing different companies at the same time). This left him feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Listen how he says how the coaching sessions helped him to put himself first and gain a new perspective on his life, duties and values.

Dan – Entrepreneur in Zambia


The trainings I facilitate focus on a specific theme or fundamental principle. We can also closely collaborate and co-create a training that best aligns your needs. I’ve developed trainings on: ‘Break through your Limiting Beliefs’, ‘Design your Own Life’, and ‘Set your (Business) Goals’, etc. Do you want to experience a fun and inspiring day with your team? My training sessions offer a great opportunity to learn and connect. Contact me to arrange your team training.

Previous Clients: Nike EHQ, Prague Training Academy, Akro Co-working Community Cape Town, KNVB

‘Annemijn creates a safe environment where she gives you the right mind-set, an action plan and the tools to transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones. I cant wait to begin with all the insights and the new ideas and plans I have’

Anne-Floor – entrepreneur in the Netherlands
For a female entrepreneur network group, I designed a specific training on Limiting Beliefs.


During my talks, I share lessons and tips from my own coaching practice, as well from my own life experience to inspire people who are seeking out real change. Powerful, personal and to the point. It can be anything from a 10 minute inspirational speech to start off an event, or a more in-depth talk to get a better understanding of a specific topic. Let’s get in touch!

Previous Clients: Nike EHQ, Guidion, NS


A service specialist company asked me to hold an inspirational 10-minute speech for their employees. I shared how I had re-found my passion, gave them 3 main tips to live by and an action for the next day. “My colleagues and I really appreciated her inspirational storytelling. And even though it was only for ten minutes, she helped more than just that one individual to take a step forward in realizing their dreams.”

Eline – HR Manager in the Netherlands


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